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Motto: From the One to the other 

Short description: Artesane Studio is the quintessential platform for cultural enrichment and engagement with Western intellectualism. Driven by a singular vision, the independent bilingual magazine offers erudite discourse, impassioned essays, and reviews covering art, theology, philosophy, literature, history, politics, esoterica, and culture. The genesis and evolution of Artesane Studio is a testament to its founder's unwavering dedication, perseverance, and transformation. Today, it stands as a beacon of hope, a cultural resource, and an intellectual laboratory, exploring new frontiers and forging new paths in the world of art and knowledge. We invite you to join us on this journey of exploration and discovery, navigating the uncharted territories of the human mind and spirit.

The Birth of Artesane Studio


Artesane Studio's journey from a portfolio to a thriving bilingual magazine with a global readership is a story of resilience, dedication, and transformation. The founder's vision for a platform to share her expertise on art history evolved into a magazine offering thought-provoking, high-quality content, diverse perspectives, and dialogue on a broad range of topics, from art and theology to semiotics and philosophy. Artesane Studio's unwavering commitment to its readership and its mission to provide a nuanced and sophisticated understanding of our world sets it apart. Its success, both in terms of quality and readership, owes much to its unique and innovative methodologies, including various formats, perspectives, and its bilingual availability in English and Romanian. More than just a magazine, Artesane Studio is a cultural beacon, a place of hope, and a testament to the power of perseverance, dedication, and transformation over time.


Launched in November 2017 as a portfolio, the founder envisioned more. She started a blog on art history, which quickly became popular. However, in 2019, she faced challenges along the way. In 2020, she took a leap of faith to develop a magazine that would be both informative and thought-provoking. By 2022, Artesane Studio had a clear purpose, making it a thriving magazine with a growing readership.

In just six years, Artesane Studio has grown from a small personal blog to an independent thriving, bilingual magazine with a global reach of over 300,000 readers. The magazine is a valuable resource for anyone who seeks to understand the world around them in a more nuanced and sophisticated way.

Success Factors

Artesane Studio's success is due in part to its commitment to providing high-quality content that appeals to a wide range of interests and covers a broad range of topics, from art and theology to semiotics and philosophy, and its unique style of presentation. The magazine also features a variety of formats, including essays, articles, reviews, and interviews. Another reason for Artesane Studio's success is its dedication to its readers and students.

Artesane Studio's Impact

In a world increasingly divided and fragmented, Artesane Studio stands as a beacon of hope. Artesane Studio's story is a testament to the power of perseverance and an ongoing project that develops and transforms over time.

The magazine's name derives from the Latin words "ars" and "sanus," meaning "art" and "health or sound," respectively, as well as "studio." In combining these words, Artesane creates a space that unites the power of art and knowledge to produce an intellectual and spiritual experience rarely found in contemporary media.

The term "artesane" is a term of international circulation, appearing in many Latin languages, including Spanish, French, Italian, and Portuguese, as well as Romanian. This term is rooted in the Latin "ars," from which the Romanian word for "art" is derived. In Romanian, "artesane" is a masculine noun connoting "artisan." Therefore, an "artesan" is a person who practices traditional techniques to create objects with an aesthetic quality. "Studio" derives from the Italian "studio," which translates to "laboratory" or "atelier" and is used to connote a place of creation or conception for persons engaged in artistic, literary, or musical pursuits. Thus, "studio" translates as a "location wherein artistic or intellectual activity takes place." Interpreted as "the artisan's laboratory" or "the intellectual's atelier," "Artesane Studio" symbolizes innovation, authenticity, cultural unity, and diversity.

Nicoll-Hellen Director and Editor-in-Chief, Artesane Studio
Nicoll-Hellen Director and Editor-in-Chief, Artesane Studio

The magazine's mission is to cultivate critical thinking and creativity through an interdisciplinary approach. By forging a space where readers can engage constructively in discussions of utmost importance, Artesane Studio aims to address society's great need for a redefinition of intellectuality and its role in a postmodern era. In turn, this assists in the discovery of individuals' divine nature and of a society's complex social fabric.

Artesane Studio's target audience is students, professionals, and cultural enthusiasts alike. The magazine offers a forward-thinking and holistic approach to reality and knowledge, stimulating its readers via a challenging intellectual experience. The magazine's primary purpose is to inscribe reason and morality in its reader's minds, fueled by the most bounteous of virtues, that of love, the primary wellspring of imagination. To this end, Artesane Studio explores the microcosms of the world through the pens of philosophers, artists, and sociologists such as Diotima of Mantinea, Plato, Plotinus, Sopsipatra, Hypatia, Augustine, Thomas Aquinas, Boethius, Héloïse, Hildegard of Bingen, Bassi, Heidegger, Kierkegaard, Derrida, Foucault, Beauvoir, Arendt, Simone Weil, Agamben, Taubes, Levinas, Ellul, Scruton, and others.

Artesane Studio publishes a multifarious array of content, including philosophical essays on the nature of reality, liberty, authenticity, and morality, academic articles on subjects such as religious art, semiotics, and political theory, journalistic investigations into corruption and discrimination within churches, book reviews covering classic literature, philosophy and political theology, eclectic art, and science, review articles on interdisciplinary research topics such as religion and AI, medieval philosophy, and comparative literature, research papers on topics such as theories and methodologies in intercultural and interreligious communication. They also include opinions.

The magazine's aim to inspire and educate its readers — to assist them in their discovery of their place in society and help them to develop critical thinking and creativity.

In the future, Artesane Studio will delve further into themes like art and aesthetic issues, art theory, the intersection of art and society, art and religion, technology and art, the fundamentals of theology, theology and philosophy, theology and science, theology and politics, theology and culture, philosophy topics such as epistemology, metaphysics, ethics, ontology, logic, philosophical linguistics, the history of philosophy, and the dialectic between tradition and modernity.

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