This website aims to be a platform dedicated to the lovers of art, literature, and everything that includes elegance and etiquette.

The project was created more than 3 years ago initially in order to gather in one place quality-based information, news, articles, blog posts, and so on, all about the history of art, poetry, exhibitions, and more.

As time passed, I was really happy to see that many people had the opportunity to improve their knowledge through my work, especially when we are talking about art students and those who are eager to develop their crafts and local businesses in this area of activity.


After long hours of hard work, I can happily say that nowadays I have opened my own art gallery, so you can enjoy the best from the best wherever you want, whenever you can. 

Also, today I am invested in a new project which aims to bring not just high-quality paintings for my dear worldwide clients, but even to expand the store with new products (such as clothes, fine jewelry, accessories, both for ladies and gentlemen, and a few sustainable home decor pieces). And this is just the beginning!


Short description: I am a passionate copy & content writer | strategist with more than 6 years of experience in the digital marketing industry, based in Europe at the moment, which love to create meaningful, original, and consistent content about the history of art, exhibitions, art collecting, and more. 


Name: Nicoll-Hellen  Birth Date: 21 April 1994, B

Sun, Rising, Moon: Taurus, Scorpio, Virgo, INFJ-S 

Occupation: Copy & Content (art)writer, DM Strategist 

Education: International Relations and European Studies, Communication and Public Relations, Digital Marketing specialized

  • Content Marketing;
  • Affiliate Marketing;
  • SEO/SEM;
  • GA/SMO;
  • CRO/CATs;
  • Branding.