Quality Assurance and Transparency through Peer-Review at Artesane Studio Journal


Transparency and Trust:

At Artesane Studio, we are committed to providing our readers with content of the highest quality. Thus, we wish to announce that all the studies published in our journal undergo a rigorous peer-review process.

1. What is peer-review?

Peer-review is an independent process where experts in the respective field evaluate a manuscript to ensure its accuracy, originality, and relevance to the field. This process contributes to maintaining academic standards and ensuring the quality of the published information.

2. Why is peer-review important?

• Ensures research quality: By assuring the quality of research, the peer-review process acts as an essential, though not absolute, tool in identifying and rectifying any potential inaccuracies or deficiencies in manuscript content.
• Promotes objectivity: Through this process, it ensures that manuscript evaluations are conducted impartially and equitably, thereby contributing to the reinforcement of research integrity.
• Enhances research credibility: By bolstering the prestige and value of research, publication in a journal that adopts the peer-review method serves as an indication of the ethics and quality of the study.
• Promotes transparency: By encouraging transparency and accessibility, peer-review provides readers with the opportunity to rigorously assess how each scientific investigation has been conducted.

3. What does this mean for our readers?

When engaging in reading a study published in Artesane Studio journal, you can be assured that it has undergone a meticulous evaluation by experts in the respective field. This procedure instills certainty in the quality and credibility of the research presented in the publication.

4. How does our peer-review process unfold?

At Artesane Studio, we embrace an invitational peer-review evaluation process, where experts are carefully selected by the editor-in-chief based on their specific competencies in the field. Their identities are kept confidential to ensure independence and impartiality. Typically, between 2 and 3 reviewers are assigned to each manuscript.

5. Why have we decided to make this announcement?

While presuming that our audience is familiar with the peer-review procedure of the articles published in the journal, we aim to foster a higher level of transparency regarding our evaluation standards and assure the public that they can rely on the authenticity and rigor of our editorial process.

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Director and Editor-in-Chief, Artesane Studio

Director and Editor-in-Chief, Artesane Studio
Director and Editor-in-Chief, Artesane Studio

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